Everything I Need to Know About Social Media I Learned From Kids Books

No matter the size of your brand, by this point you should be engaging in social media marketing. In this social media primer, Sean Parker, CEA’s director of digital media marketing, takes a creative spin on the traditional business slideshow. He uses picture books and real-world consumer tech examples to explain how to get your company started with social media so you can connect with the people interested in your brand. – See more at: http://www.ce.org/Blog/Articles/2013/October/What-Storybooks-Tell-Us-About-Using-Social-Media-t.aspx

This post originally appeared on CEA’s official blog Digital Dialogue.

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Five Innovative Ways Technology is Changing Business

In the evolution of innovation, there are many products and processes that fall by the wayside but occasionally a few break through and change the way we do business. They often affect the public consciousness without the consumer even thinking about it. Here are five. Read the full post on CEA’s Official blog – Digital Dialogue

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